• You feel overwhelmed often...and don't know what to do about it, or…

  • You startle easily, or…

  • You find yourself unable to handle what seems like the simplest of problems, or…

  • You experience issues in your body that don’t make sense and don’t seem to be resolving with your usual care, or…

  • You have difficulty sleeping because your mind won't shut down...


Come attend a RESOURCING class!  

Utilizing principles from Somatic Trauma Resolution therapy we explore tools to help you move more smoothly through this, oftentimes, chaotic world.








     ~Does stress interfere with your performance and realization of career goals, or even simple daily tasks?
     ~Does it affect your health? Want to know why and how to stop it?
     ~Do you practice positive thinking, relaxation techniques, yet you find yourself still struggling under pressure?
     ~How do you know you are stressed?

In my Stressbusting workshop participants explore the physiology behind feeling overwhelmed and develop tools to help them  meet every challenge in life more effectively.



  1. IDENTIFY: Personal stressors, experience of stress, resources and sensations.

  2. DEFINE: Stress, anxiety, resource

  3. EXAMINE: The physiology of the stress response.

  4. EXPLORE: Options to manage stress.

Workshop lasts one hour so is ideal for corporate wellness programs.



Embracing the shadow of the EGO

Beneath the social mask we wear, we have a hidden shadow side which contains both light and dark energies, positive and negative traits. 
It is an isolated part that we tend to ignore that contains an emotional richness and vitality which we can use to bring about a leap of consciousness.


     Do you:

  •     Struggle with feelings of low self-esteem

  •     Experience social or performance anxiety

  •     Feel as though you have a potential, but can't realize it?

  •     Have negative thoughts such as:

                  'I can't do that', ' I should have...',

                  'Why didn't I...',

                  'I'm not good enough', 'I'll never...'



This class is designed to help you understand why this is happening and how to break out of the patterns that are holding you back.


Come join others, with similar experiences, to learn powerful tools of transformation that will help you realize your potential.

DATE FOR A NEW FREEDOM:  September 28, 2019  1pm - end    Cost: $95

Limited to 8 participants so sign-up early!  Just complete the contact form, & say you're signing up for the New Freedom workshop.

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